What Is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is something that is getting a lot of people talking. It is starting to become a very popular approach to health and nutrition to millions of Americans and people around the world. At its core, clean eating is actually very simple and easy to do. When most people talk about their eating habits or diets they follow, they usually follow a plan that involves tracking calories, carbs, protein, fat, sugars, etc. Clean eating is a different approach where you don’t necessarily track any of that. Instead, eating clean is more about eating real foods and not the processed type of foods that are so easy to find now a days in grocery stores and a lot of restaurants.

Real foods are those that are naturally found in the world around us. This includes foods such as: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy proteins & fats. These types of foods are natural and aren’t chemically altered in a lab somewhere. Have you ever looked at the label of a product and the ingredient list has over twenty items on it and half of them you never heard of? Clean eating is about avoiding those types of foods. A great example of this is chicken. Chicken is something a lot of people eat. There is a major difference though in the type of chicken you are eating. For instance, a national fast food chain that serves chicken has over 40 ingredients in their recipe. If you go to the store and purchase chicken brest there is only one ingredient, the chicken brest itself. That’s what eating clean is, cutting out all of that extra processed crap our bodies don’t need.

Figuring out what types of foods are considered clean and which ones aren’t is fairly simple and straight forward. If it is something that grows in nature or has been around for hundreds of years, then more then likely that is considered a clean food. Have you ever seen a bag of potato chips walking around? A raw potato on the other hand is something that is naturally grown all around us. The reason this way is becoming so popular is because it is providing your body with the vitamins and nutrients it was originally designed to use. Our bodies weren’t made to process chemicals that were created in a lab. Our bodies were made to process the foods that are produced in mother nature.

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  1. Very true. We must avoid can food and fast food. Eat healthy food and leaf a healthy life. Thanks!

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