Are Trumps Twitter Followers Real?

Twitter is such a widely used resource to connect millions of people from all around the world. It’s a way to share information in an instant and to stay up to date on pretty much everything that is happening. Its such a powerful tool, that even the President of the United States uses Twitter. In recent weeks, Trump has added over 3 million followers on Twitter. Sounds impressive right? Here is the question though, are those followers real or fake?

President Trump’s Twitter account was holding around 28 million followers. With the recent spike, it has jumped to over 31 million. One big problem though was that many of these new followers had brand new accounts with no profile pictures or activity. This is a big indicator that these accounts are what is called, Twitter Bots accounts.

If we start to dig deeper into the Presidents Twitter account, you will see that just under half of the Presidents followers, aren’t real. This is an alarming number. According to a Twitter Audit Report, 15.9 million of his followers are authentic whereas 15 million aren’t. Prior to becoming the President, Trumps fake followers was only around 8%. So do you think that this is the President requesting all of the fake followers or do you think its groups of people creating these bot accounts to follow our President?

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  1. Thanks for following me on twitter. Re this post, the underlying methodology, if they’re saying followers is an indication of support, is flawed (like election pollsters), I.e., I’m a trump supporter & I don’t even follow him on twitter; I’m not the only 1 who is Trump Supporter who doesn’t follow POTUS Trump on Twitter.

    Just thought to put that out there , hopefully another way of measuring POTUS support that’s reliable becomes available or maybe we just have to wait to 2018 to see how his popularity impacts mid-term elections .

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