Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables

Vegetables are one of those food items that many of us need to eat more often. Vegetables seem to be one of those things that people either love or they hate. Whether you love or hate them, eating them is something you must do to maintain a healthy body and to increase your life longevity. Eating certain vegetables are more beneficial to you than others are. Here is a list of the Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables that you should be eating (in no particular order).

  1. Spinach – Spinach is packed full of good for you vitamins such as A, C and K. It also has manganese in it. Try working at least a cup full of these delicious green into your diet on a daily basis. A cup cooked into eggs or chicken is an easy way to consume this good for you vegetable.
  1. Broccoli – This vegetable is one you have been told since you were a kid that you should be eating. Your parents were right and this is a vegetable you should be consuming on a regular basis. Broccoli is full of vitamins such as C and K. It also loaded with fiber, vitamin B6 and many other good for your vitamins and minerals.
  1. Bell Peppers – These are so good and the range of flavors is sure to please any pallet. It doesn’t matter if you prefer red, green, orange or yellow, these peppers are a must eat for healthy living. There is over a dozen heart healthy nutrients and recent research shows these power vegetables and have been known to help prevent certain types of cancers.
  1. Onions – Onions are something that can easily be added to almost every meal you make at home. They taste good and can add a lot of flavor while adding tons of healthy benefits. They are known to help your immune system. They are also great at regulating blood sugar while also reducing inflammation.
  1. Carrots – These delicious, crunchy treats are great for your health. Carrots are packed full of beta carotene and other powerful antioxidants. Carrots are great to help maintain healthy, glowing skin. They are also great because they provide essential minerals and vitamins that help in digestion.
  1. Kale – Kale has became all the rage in the last few years and for good reason. This low calories vegetable is high in fiber and contains zero fat. It’s great for aiding in digestion and to help keep you feeling fuller for longer. It is also packed full of good for you vitamins and minerals.
  1. Brussels Sprouts – This is a vegetable many people aren’t fans of but something you need to start eating. These little round balls of green goodness are full of manganese, vitamin B6, folate, fiber, vitamin B1 and much more. This is a great all around good for you vegetable.
  1. Peas – Even though they are small in size, they pack a big punch in the good for you department. These little guys are packed full of vitamins such as B1, C, B6 & B2. They also contain protein, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium and niacin. Try tossing a few into a salad or in a pan with chicken.
  1. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are a treat from mother nature. They contain vitamin A & C which is a must for your body. They are also so tasty and can be eaten in so many ways. Tomatoes can be one of the easiest vegetables to incorporate into your daily diet.
  1. Asparagus – Grilled asparagus is delicious and something you must try. Some people get turned off by the way they look but the taste will bring you right back in. They are loaded full of fiber and other heart disease fighting goodness.

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