Red Bathing Suit Scam

Who doesn’t love something for free?  There are usually two kinds of people when they hear something is free.  Those that get super excited and jump all over the free item.  Then there are those that are skeptical and think nothing in this world is really free.  Or are one of the skeptics, then chances are you have avoided the Instagram bathing suit scam.  If you’re someone who loves free stuff, then chances are you may have been involved.

If you have been browsing Instagram lately and saw a picture of a women in a red bathing suit, chances are whichever of your friends posted it, were trying to get the latest freebie.  Sunny Co Clothing, an online fashion retailer started running a promotion where you could receive a free red bathing suit code to use on their website. You only had to pay for the shipping and handling of the bathing suit. To qualify for this free offer, you simply had to repost the photo of a women in the red bathing suit and tag them on Instagram. This seems too good to be true, right? Well from the way its going, it could be.

Thousands of people reposted the photo to receive the free bathing suit offer code. The bathing suit company though has yet to fulfill those promises of the free suit. They still have time to redeem themselves and meet the demand they created, so hopefully they will.

Entering free giveaways is fun and exciting but make sure not to get too caught up in it. Sometimes companies can have the best intentions but get overloaded with response. So if you did share this photo, maybe you will get a bathing suit, maybe you won’t. Either way, at least you didn’t lose money in this scam.

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