Must Have Healthy Cooking Gadgets

Eating healthy is something that doesn’t need to be difficult or require a lot of time. A lot of people assume that eating healthy means hours and hours in the kitchen prepping and preparing food. With having just two important kitchen appliances, you can create delicious, good for you meals that are ready to eat quickly with very little hands on prep time. Those two must have gadgets are a Foreman Grill and a Pressure Cooker.

Benefits of a Foreman Grill

These indoor grills have changed the way that people grill at home. The Foreman Grill is a simple yet effective tool in eating healthy. This gadget allows you to grill pretty much anything you can think of inside your home. You can grill all different kinds of: meat, fruits, vegetables, bread & more. So what are the biggest benefits to the Foreman Grill? The first one is definitely the ease of use. To operate the grill, simply plug it in and turn it on. Wait for it to heat up and then place whatever you are grilling directly on to the grill plates. There is also no need to continuously keep flipping whatever you are grilling also. It’s really as simple and easy as that.

On the health side of great benefits to the Foreman Grill is that way it helps to drain access fat from meat. With its slanted grilling surface design, the Foreman Grill allows fat to run off and away from the meat. This way your meat is not sitting in a pool of grease and fat and is instead grilling you a lean piece of delicious meat. Also with using this type of a grill over a traditional grill, you are avoiding harsh chemicals that can be caused from charcoal or burning fats. It also allows you to grill safer as there is no smoke or sudden flare ups.

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Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is a style of cooking that has been around for hundreds of years yet is one of the most underutilized cooking methods. Many people shied away from these tools but now with safety features and designs, they are a must have gadget. The way a pressure cooker works is off of steam pressure. A sealed pot, with lots of steam inside builds up a high amount of pressure which allows food to cook quicker. With this style of cooking, the pressure cooker allows many healthy benefits and many benefits in general. A great thing about this style of cooking is its very efficient. You can reduce cooking times on some items by up to 70% and uses less energy in your home.

One of the best things about these gadgets is that your food retains more of its nutrients and taste a lot better. Since food cooks quicker and with less liquid, the nutrients stay in your food instead of being cooked out. With this your body is getting more of the good for you nutrients it needs and wants without having to eat nearly as much. If you cook vegetables inside of a pressure cooker, you will really notice how much more color they have compared to other styles of cooking. They will also remain crisp and retain there natural texture.

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