Meal Prepping Is a Must

Meal prepping is vital not only for healthy eating but also important for your wallet. Most of us are extremely busy in our day to day lives. We are going to work, running errands, taking kids to their events, keeping up the house and anything else that you can think of. For a lot of people, eating becomes an after thought. They have been running around all day and forgot to eat. So they either drive to the nearest fast food restaurant or stop to grab a pizza. This is not only hurting your wallet by all the money you’re spending its also hurting your body.

So what is meal prepping exactly you may ask. Meal prepping can vary in the ways that it’s done. What it really comes down to is knowing what you are going to eat and having it ready to eat. One version of meal prepping is planning your meals for the week ahead. This allows you to know what to purchase at the grocery store so you are not over buying. It also makes sure you are not buying any added junk foods. Any easy way to do this is sit down every Saturday or Sunday and plan your meals for the upcoming week. That way you can go shopping quickly and get the items needed to prepare your meals on each day. This will allow you to choose quick and healthy food items.

Another form of meal prepping is preparing food days in advance and portioning it into containers. This involves cooking larger portions of a healthy meal like chicken and rice. You then portion it into individual containers with your sides such as vegetables. Make sure to use high quality containers also. This is helpful because when you are busy, you can simply open your fridge, grab it and either eat it cold or warm it up for a minute. You created yourself a balanced and healthy meal that is ready to eat in just a few seconds. Now for those of you that can’t eat the same thing everyday, find little ways to change it up. Maybe one day eat your meal on top of salad, add another healthy vegetable to it or eat it in a whole grain tortilla. This way you can really mix up your meals and not take any extra time either.

If you are wanting to eat healthy and stay healthy then you must prepare your meals. They key to meal prepping is planning. Taking a few extra minutes each week to plan or prepare your meals will save you loads of time during the week. It will also help you avoid those impulse stops at a fast food place or grabbing a snack from the work vending machine. If you take the little bit of extra time to meal prep, you will have no excuses as too why you can’t eat healthy.

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