How To Start Working Out

Falling into a routine in life that doesn’t involve working out is very easy to do. Dragging yourself out of that routine can be difficult but something you must do. Getting back to working out will not only help you look & feel better but it will increase your daily productivity and have you more energized to tackle everything else going on in your life. Even though it won’t be easy, using these steps on how to start working out will make sure you get active, get fit and get motivated.

Step One – Get Mentally Prepared

Getting mentally prepared to start working out is key to having success and staying motivated. Sit down with yourself and write down the reasons you want to work out. Do you want to get in better physical shape? Do you want to be able to complete a 5k run? Do you want to have more energy in your daily activities? Everyone is going to have a different reason as too why they want to work out. Figure out what truly motivates you to work out and then write it down. Write it in big bold letters and tape it to the wall in a place you will see everyday. This will be your constant reminder of why you’re starting to work out.

Step Two – Small Steps

Starting to workout is easier said then done. After you have figured out why you want to start working out, now you need to figure how your going to workout. Starting small will help you build into a routine that will be easier for you to handle and maintain. Depending on your existing fitness level, something such as walking around the block once per day can be your starting point. Also having a workout schedule will really help. Don’t start by overdoing it. Maybe decide 2-3 days each week you will workout with certain exercises. Then from there, gradually work into new exercises and activities. You want to start by doing an activity that makes you sweat and work hard but doesn’t overdue it. Your body will need to ease in to working out on a regular basis to avoid injury.

Step Three – Make Weekly Changes

You started working out slowly and the activities you were doing are now becoming easier. This is when you need to make changes to your routine to challenge your body but also to ease you into it. For instance, if you were walking one mile a day, three times a week, now you should walk an extra half mile each day or add a 4th day of walking a mile. If you were lifting weights at a certain weight, try adding just a few extra pounds. Each week you want to increase what you were doing from the previous week. You don’t want it to be a huge drastic change but something small, that will make your body work harder and give you a new goal each work too work towards.

Step Four – Don’t Go Off Track

With the day to day of life, it can be easy to come off track when working out. You may tell yourself, if you miss working out today, you will make up for it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and you tell yourself the same thing. These few days you skip working out can easily turn into weeks & months. Staying on track is difficult but a must. Instead of skipping your exercise, find a way to incorporate it. Maybe instead of spending your lunch at your computer, go outside and spend a half hour walking. That way, later in the day you can focus on your other workout related activities.

Step Five – Stay Focused

You need to stay focused to make working out work for you. Having your goal written up on the wall will help you with this journey. Remind yourself everyday as too why your exercising. Give yourself rewards along the way such as a new shirt or pair of jeans that fit you better now. No matter what it is you are working towards just always keep that goal in the front of your mind. This will help you stay working out and will help you earn your goals faster and maintain them for longer.

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  1. This is a very well written article! It is just what I needed to read to motivate me to get back on track! Ryan, you are an inspiration and are in great shape!

    I enjoy reading your articles and looking at your fitness pics.

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