How To Become A Model

Many of us dream of becoming a model or have been told you should become one. But not many people know becoming a model could be a very difficult process. If you don’t know someone who can guide you along the way, you could be taken advantage of and have a very bad experience. There are no shortcut to becoming a supermodel, everything takes time, dedication and lots of work here is my advice when people ask me “how to become a model?’.

Portfolio Building

When first starting out as a model you will want to decide which type of modeling you are interested in pursuing. Between high fashion, to lifestyle to fitness there are many different types of modeling and you should choose what type to go after. After you decide on which type of modeling you need to start building a portfolio. In order to start building a portfolio you may have to pay for a professional photo shoot with a photographer or you may find a photographer that is trying to build their portfolio and will shoot your for free. If you are contacted by and offered a free photo shoot as a first time model be very careful. This could indicate that the photographer is a very helpful person, or it could mean that the photographer has other interests or plans to make money off of you. If you are new to modeling there is no incentive for the photographers to shoot you for free. Unless they are just starting out like you, then you can trade your time for their time (Time for print – TFP). Before choosing a photographer you want to make sure you check out their portfolio and make sure you like their work. If a photographers work wont improve your portfolio then they should be paying for you to model.

Agency Search

After you have started to build you portfolio you are going to want to start looking into potential agencies that may be interested in you. To begin this process start looking for agencies that look like you could fit on their board. You wouldn’t want to reach out to an agency that only represents guys if you’re a girl. After you find a few agencies that you’re interested in go to their website and submit your information and photos. After you have submitted your information and photos wait about two weeks then send a follow up email to the agency. If nobody responds to the follow up email keep following up every two weeks. Agencies are very busy and eventually they will get back to you. If an agency gets back to you and says you’re not a fit for their agency don’t sweat it and move on to the next. If an agency wants to sign you, don’t get so excited that you don’t read over the contract and get locked into a long term contract you don’t want to be in. Make sure you review the contract with your parents or a lawyer before signing it. You will never pay for an agency to represent you.

Social Media

While you’re building your portfolio and submitting yourself to agencies you should be building your social media presence. So many agencies are using social media these days to scout new models. Make sure you are utilizing all forms of social media to have a greater chance of being discovered. The more exposure you get to agents, scouts and potential clients will increase the odds of your success in the industry.

Last but not least if something is too good to be true it probably is, stay true to yourself and everything happens for a reason.

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