Content Marketing, What Is It?

With the ever changing world of technology, new and exciting efforts in marketing have changed also. The marketing today is no longer stagnant and boring. It is fun, exciting and made too appeal to you, the consumer directly. Content marketing is a form of marketing that is taking over. At it’s core, content marketing is an approach where a person or company shares valuable information that interest the reader or consumer. This content may not necessarily be selling a product or service but it is providing something of value to the consumer which in turn gives the marketer credibility.

Let me give you an example of how this works. Lets say you see an ad on Facebook for a new restaurant. You have never heard of this place before and you’re skeptical to try it out because its kind of pricey and its new. That marketing effort could fall flat and they may not gain any new customers from this campaign at all. Now lets say you follow a local food blogger. This food blogger provides you with free recipes, cooking tips and tricks, how to videos and much more. This is someone whose opinion you trust and value. Now lets say this blogger writes a positive review about this restaurant and gives his honest opinion. You are more likely now to try the new restaurant because a person who has provided you with valuable content in the past is recommending it.

Content marketing can be done in all types of ways. Social media has become an extremely popular marketing stream for content marketers. They can connect with you on emotional level using social media. They can provide you loads of free and valuable information that is accessible at your fingertips. Blogs are another popular way of content marketing. Writing articles that provide in depth information engages the reader and has them coming back to your site for more information. All of this helps connect the marketer with the audience.

Really what content marketing comes down to is building a relationship with the audience. People want to feel like they are apart of something and feel like something was made for them. Content marketing can help you build those relationships with your future potential customers and build long lasting relationships that traditional marketing just can’t do.

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