Best Way To Cook Chicken On The Stove

Chicken is one of the most popular proteins in the entire world. All different cultures from around the world eat chicken in one way or another. Cooking it though, can be a tricky task for even for veteran home cooks. Learning the best way to cook chicken on the stove will make sure your chicken comes our juicy and flavorful each and every time.

One of the easiest and best ways to cook chicken on the stove is by using one simple tool, a pan. A cast iron pan is great for this but any frying pan will work. The first step is to rub the chicken very lightly with a good olive oil. Then proceed to season your chicken with whatever you have laying around. After you seasoned the meat, place it into a semi hot pan that is set to medium heat (5 or 6 on your stove). If you have a large chicken breast, butterfly it first before placing it in the pan. Leave it in the pan for approx 5-7 minutes before flipping it. Then place a meat thermometer in the chicken and look for an internal temperature of 165 degrees. This will leave you with a moist and delicious chicken breast that is super easy to make.

Making a delicious chicken breast on the stove really is just that easy. When it comes to seasonings, you have a whole world of spices and herbs you can use to really give your chicken an amazing flavor. One piece of advice though is to try and keep the salt at a minimum. A simple mixture of garlic powder, black pepper and some kind of herb can go a long way. Also try a Mrs. Dash no salt seasoning. You can find these at pretty much any grocery store and they come in a variety of great flavors.

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